Preventative Dentistry and Routine Maintenance

Our teeth play an extremely important role within our lives. A thorough oral hygiene routine consistently removes bacteria from teeth and gums helping to maintain good oral health. Failure to maintain clean tooth surfaces and gums can lead to a deterioration of oral health which in turn, can lead to a variety of dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and even loss of teeth. Not only that, research indicates inadequate oral health can have a significant impact on the rest of your body. People with poor oral health have been associated with suffering from increased risk of stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. Achieving healthy teeth and gums is a fundamental component to general wellbeing. Your teeth need periodic cleaning for optimal function and health.

At our practice we recommend 6 monthly checks where biofilm (plaque), calculus (tartar) and stains are removed from the teeth. This regular procedure will help prevent the occurrence of diseases.

A thorough oral hygiene routine should include the following preventative actions:

  1. Brushing twice daily with a soft, rounded bristle toothbrush
  2. Flossing daily
  3. Use a toothpaste with added fluoride

When you visit our practice at Thirroul Dental Care for a Preventative Care appointment this will include a thorough examination to review, monitor and treat any potential dental issues before they escalate and a professional clean to remove the hard build-up of calculus that cannot be removed by regular brushing alone.

Our dentists will then do a thorough oral examination and full charting. This includes charting the fillings and other restorations you have, your gum health and surrounding oral tissue health. X-rays are recommended and are an important part of the examination. They are taken to look for decay in between the back teeth, bone levels, and to see if there is anything happening under your existing restorations. At this stage your concerns and needs are also taken into account as part of the treatment plan. Once all the information has been collated, a treatment plan is formulated with suitable alternatives, risks and benefits of treatment discussed, treatment accepted and appointments made.

At Thirroul Dental Care, six monthly appointments are made in advance or reminders are sent via SMS or email. It is important to visit us twice a year to maintain excellent oral health. X-rays are taken every two to three years, but may be taken at other times if indicated.

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