CEREC is a method of creating porcelain restorations anywhere in your mouth in one visit. Previously a technician was needed to make inlays, on-lays or crowns and veneers off site thereby necessitating two patient visits .Now however only one easy appointment is necessary. If a crown is needed or a veneer, if an old filling needs to be replaced or a tooth is cracked; the tooth can be restored on the spot.

Firstly the tooth in question is prepared by the dentist; an infra-red photo is then taken of the tooth. The image is transferred to a computer where the restoration is designed. The information is then sent to a milling machine and the restoration is made from pre-fabricated blocks of porcelain. Different shades are available and a glossing machine is on site to create a perfectly matching restoration.

Aside from convenience, the benefits of CEREC’s are in the material used. The type of porcelain has been specifically designed to match the physical characteristics of the tooth.

This whole procedure for a single tooth restoration takes 1 - 1.5 hours at most! Patients really like this new procedure because it is less invasive on the tooth structure. Better yet, less time is spent in the patient’s mouth because there are no impressions to be taken.

Cerec tooth computer generated

A scan of the tooth was done and a computer is generating how the tooth will look and sit in its position. After doing this and the dentist adjusts for the correct bite mark, it is then sent to the Cerec machine to build the porcelain tooth. The dentist then, cements the tooth generated in its correct place and makes sure the bite is correct.

Porcelain block cut into a tooth


  • Pre CEREC Cutting Pre CEREC Cutting
  • Cut into tooth with CEREC Cut into tooth with CEREC