Children's Dentistry

Children's dentistry is extremely important from an early age. Tooth decay can still be a common problem in infancy and childhood. Over the past few decades, despite the general reduction in dental tooth decay, early childhood tooth decay is still common.

Regular visits are an important step towards a lifetime of good oral health. Instilling good habits in children at a young age will go a long way in maintaining the health of adult teeth later in life. Regular dental examinations can catch any problems early and help maintain good oral health.

At your child's dental visit we may discuss with you and your child

  • Oral Hygiene instruction and tooth brushing techniques
  • Habits, such as thumb sucking or use of a pacifier
  • Risks of decay and how to prevent it
  • Crowding or problems with the bite
  • Eruption of the teeth
  • Prevention of trauma to your child's mouth
  • Nutritional advice

Dental Sealants

The most common treatment that is done on children that differs to adults is to place fissure sealants on the posterior teeth. Back teeth have natural pits and grooves that can trap food particles which may ultimately lead to tooth decay. Your child will be assessed as to the need for sealants. Sealants are placed within the first two years of the tooth being erupted in the mouth. The tooth is isolated and cleaned with pumice, then an acid gel placed on the tooth and washed off. A bonding liquid is then brushed on, then the fissure sealant placed and set. They act to only reduce the risk of decay on the biting surface of the tooth, and must be placed only when our dentists feel they are indicated.

  • Deep grooves in tooth surfaceDeep Grooves in Tooth Surface
  • Painting sealant into groovesPainting Sealant into Grooves
  • Hardened sealantHardened Sealant

At Thirroul Dental Care, we will take the time to explain all treatments to both parents and children to ensure that each dental experience is a happy one.